Challenge Your Brain

Challenge Your Brain

品 牌︰ Shing Lee Education
型 號︰ SPECP1
銷售價︰ HK$135.00

Challenge Your Brain is specially written for Primary 3 pupils preparing for the Gifted Education Programme (GEP) selection test. It is also a useful and strategic tool for Primary 3 and Primary 4 pupils to build a strong foundation for future Mathematical Olympiad competitions.

This book consists of non-routine questions specially designed for pupils to familiarise themselves with different problem-solving approaches and to allow them to apply higher-order thinking skills in solving problems. Worked Examples and dialogues in each topic, as well as Step-by-step Solutions for all questions aim to guide pupils through the learning process.

Key Features

  • Detailed solutions for step-by-step learning
  • Practical exercises to enhance problem solving skills
  • Sharpen ability to handle difficult questions

Product Details:

ISBN-13 : 978-981-288-219-6
Extent : 128 pages
Authors : Loh Cheng Yee
Dimensions : 190mm x 260mm
Weight : 0.2942kg
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