Strengthen English Editing For Lower Secondary Levels

Strengthen English Editing For Lower Secondary Levels

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Strengthen English Editing For Lower Secondary Levels comprises 75 carefully tailored exercises for students preparing for the Editing component required in important tests and examinations. 

Examination requirement
This component required in major tests and examinations, challenges students to identify grammatical errors in a given text and make correct

Relevant and practical
The exercises are suitable as homework and as classroom discussion material. Students will find this book a useful practice resource which will help them gain confidence in tackling this component of the English examination. Answers are included to facilitate self revision and assessment.

Glossary to strengthen word power
A group of words from each text are selected and explained with an example of how to use them in a sentence. This added feature is particularly useful in essay writing, where a wide vocabulary use is one of the important assessment criteria in important examinations.

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