The Role Model Compositions - For Upper Secondary

The Role Model Compositions - For Upper Secondary

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The Role Model’ (Upper secondary) provides model compositions that aim to give you many ideas on different topics as well as grammar, vocabulary and spelling practice exercises that have been designed based on these compositions.

This guidebook is meant for both secondary three and four students who wish to do well in the first section of paper 1 in the English language examination.

Three main types of compositions are the focus of this book- the expository, argumentative type of composition and personal recounts.

Section 1 consists of 35 model expository and argumentative compositions while section 2 has another 15 model personal recounts. For each composition, the student is brought through the process of analysing the question requirements and there are comments on the right side for every paragraph to help students understand what is being done in that paragraph.

A student who carefully reads all the compositions and the comments will have a better understanding of how to write on the various issues or topics. There are 50 test questions on grammar, another 50 on vocabulary as well as 50 practices on spelling. The sentences for these tests have been extracted from the model compositions in this book. So, these questions will also serve as a way for students to remember and revise what they have read.

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