Challenging English Editing S3&4

Challenging English Editing S3&4

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This book consists of 60 Editing exercises, designed to familiarise students with the editing
component in Section A (Paper 1) of the O-Level English Language examination.
Answer keys with full explanations are provided at the end of the book. Students will be able
to understand the grammatical principles at work as they practise with the exercises. The
explanations are concise and easy to understand, and based upon sound grammatical
understanding. This book can therefore equip students fully for the Editing test component
during the exams, and help them to become effective editors.
In addition, the solid grammatical foundation built up by this book will serve students well in
all facets of their English language usage. They will be able to write more accurately and
correctly for the comprehension and continuous writing segments. With diligence and
application, it is possible for students to eliminate grammar mistakes entirely from all written
This book is catered specifically to Upper Secondary students, but will also prove useful for
advanced students of a lower age bracket.
James Tan (BA Hons 1st)

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