Vocabulary And Word Study O Level

Vocabulary And Word Study O Level

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Vocabulary and Word Study for ‘O’ Level revises and extends the key vocabulary concepts that were explored in the lower secondary books of the series. In addition, new areas of vocabulary are introduced, including portmanteau words, words from other languages and acronyms and abbreviations. In the final chapters of the book, vocabulary for creative writing is covered such as the use of metaphors, similes and personification as well as vivid verbs and sensory description. A series of Vocabulary

Challenge exercises completes the book. The exercises contain sentence completion questions that give students the opportunity to assimilate essential words of an advanced level into their vocabulary arsenal. The endeavour in writing this book has been to provide students with the word study skills to continue their exploration of English vocabulary, and to simultaneously build up their repertoire of known words to help with the development of their reading and writing skills.

  • A secondary level series of three books that aims to engage students in studying the various aspects of vocabulary
  • Varied exercises to build up an extensive range of words
  • Appendices (Bks 1 & 2) include word lists covering various aspects
  • Clear explanations in each unit
  • Revision exercises with answer key for checking
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