Strengthen English Idioms For Secondary Levels

Strengthen English Idioms For Secondary Levels

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Idioms contribute to the richness of the language and make communication more interesting. An idiom generally cannot be comprehended word for word, but must be considered in its entirety for its underlying meaning to be understood. Having a good knowledge of idioms improves comprehension and expression.

Strengthen English Idioms For Secondary Levels is a useful resource for students seeking to enrich their knowledge of the language and strengthen their vocabulary.

Contextual Learning
Idioms are introduced in alphabetical order through situations and examples to expose students to their use in different contexts.

Variety of Questions
Numerous questions in a variety of formats are provided to give students ample practice. To reinforce the lessons learnt, enrichment questions are included in the last chapter.

Answers to all questions are provided for easy reference and self-assessment. 

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