Strengthen English Phrasal Verbs For Secondary Levels

Strengthen English Phrasal Verbs For Secondary Levels

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Phrasal verbs are generally made up of two or three words. They consist of one main verb that carries the bulk of the meaning, followed by a preposition or an adverb.

Phrasal verbs play a major role in building up the functionality of the language. They also add flavour to speech and writing. A good grasp of phrasal verbs improves comprehension and writing skills.

Strengthen English Phrasal Verbs For Secondary Levels is a useful resource for students seeking to learn English efficiently and effectively.

Contextual Learning
Phrasal verbs are introduced through common themes and situations so that they are meaningful in different contexts and useful for effective learning.

Variety of Questions
Well-designed questions in a variety of formats give students ample practice and enrich their knowledge of the language.

Answers to all questions are provided for easy reference and self-assessment.

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