Frozen:Anna's Act of Love/Elsa's Icy

Frozen:Anna's Act of Love/Elsa's Icy

型 號︰ RD8801
銷售價︰ HK$49.90

In Walt Disney Animation Studios' Frozen, the kingdom of Arendelle is trapped in a never-ending winter! Queen Elsa's icy powers have accidentally caused this terrible storm. Princess Elsa knows she must find her sister so they can return home and thaw the kingdom. This 2-in-1 book is told from both Anna and Elsa's perspectives. Follow along to find out if together the sisters can save their home.


Product details

  •  6-8
  •  Paperback | 24 pages
  •  203 x 203 x 10mm | 91g
  •  English
  •  9780736430616
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