Learning Creative Writing Workbook 1

Learning Creative Writing Workbook 1

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LEARNING CREATIVE WRITING is a series of 6 books specially designed for primary school students. Each book aims to enhance a student’s writing skills. The two areas of writing activity in this series are:

Visual Aids
The pictures provided in the practices help the students form their first thoughts and ideas about a topic.

Picture Study
This is the basic premise for writing a picture composition. Students will learn to derive information from the pictures given. Acquiring this skill will increase a student’s ability to write.

Creative Thinking
Students should also explore the possibilities that may arise from the situations depicted. Hence, the Creative Thinking section seeks to stimulate students to consider alternatives in relation to themselves. Each exercise contains a Model and Practice designed to help students think and develop their compositions in a logical and creative manner.

Creative Idea (Upper levels)
This provides a similar context and prompts to a practice topic and comes with a model composition in the answer key booklet. Students learn how to develop their ideas from the prompts to the full composition.

Helping words, sentences and paragraphs
These help to build vocabulary and students can also learn interesting sentences to include in their writing.

Model Compositions
These will allow students to understand how ideas are developed in continuous writing. They are also excellent reading materials and a good resource of examples for similar topics.

Interdisciplinary Learning
Common themes are used in the practices: everyday situations, celebrations, emotions and moral issues.

Answer Booklet
This section contains models compositions to all the practices. These are additional materials for writing ideas and leisure readin

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