Improve Your Grammar P.5

Improve Your Grammar P.5

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“IMPROVE YOUR GRAMMAR” is a series of six revision books which is specially designed to provide students of each primary level with sufficient practice in the usage of grammar. The exercises covered at each level follow very closely to the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. These exercises are meant to supplement the language structures taught at school.

Most of the exercises in this series begin with carefully selected examples on the language item taught. These will then be followed by a series of practice exercises to help students gain confidence in the usage of that particular language item. Thus it is hoped that at the end of the series, students will gain sufficient mastery in all the language structures taught.

Five tests are provided towards the end of each book. They are meant to be revision exercises to help students consolidate the work covered in earlier exercises. They are also meant to provide students with opportunities to assess themselves on their mastery of all the language structures learnt.

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