English Grammar Lessons Workbook 6

English Grammar Lessons Workbook 6

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English Grammar Lessons Workbook  helps learners build a strong foundation in important grammar items. This is essential in everyday communication as it allows  learners to better understand one another.

Comprehensive Coverage
Essential items necessary for attaining a good command of the English language are covered in this book.

Useful Notes
Each item is introduced and explained in an easy-to-understand and interesting way with examples and illustrations.

Practice Exercises
A variety of exercises will reinforce what the students have learnt, allowing them to check on their understanding.

Glossaries of useful words provide students with a quick reference and a resource for writing activities.

Score Sheet
This is incorporated into the contents page and it gives students, parents and teachers a quick and easy way to track progress and promptly identify areas for improvement.

Designed as an independent booklet, the answer key contains answers to all questions for quick and easy assessment.

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