English Language Toolbox: Understanding Prepositions

English Language Toolbox: Understanding Prepositions

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Providing a key to the mystery of one of the most difficult aspects of the English language, this book offers advice on how to recognize, understand and use prepositions correctly.

The text is arranged in two sections. In the study section, the prepositions are presented thematically, that is, within broad sense groups such as position and movement, time, means, reason and purpose. The role of prepositions in phrasal verbs is explained and analysed; and guidance is given on which prepositions to use with particular adjectives, nouns and verbs.

In the reference section, the prepositions are listed alphabetically, and their uses illustrated with numerous examples. Throughout this section, and the book as a whole, advice on grammar and syntax is given where relevant. Regular exercises reinforce understanding of the information presented in each chapter. The book will be of enormous value in assisting learners to use prepositions confidently and idiomatically.

1 Getting to know Prepositions

2 How Prepositions Are Used

3 Prepositions Used with Adjectives

4 Prepositions Used with Nouns

5 Porpositions Used with Verbs

6 Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs

An A-Z of Prepositions


About the Writer

Howard Sargeant holds a BA degree from the University of Stirling with honours in French. He has taught in France and has been a freelance lexicographer since 1988. He was one of the compilers of The Times-Chambers Essential English Dictionary and Chambers Phrasal Verbs. He has contributed to Chambers 21st Century Dictionary, Encarta World English Dictionary, Macmillan English Dictionary and New Penguin English Dictionary.

English Language Toolbox: Understanding Prepositions

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