Conquer Science Process Skills Upper Block 5/6

Conquer Science Process Skills Upper Block 5/6

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Many test questions call for deeper understanding of scientific concepts to be applied creatively to derive sound answers. Among other skills, students are expected to interpret data in graphical and table forms, make observations based on given contexts and draw plausible conclusions from results. Moving Towards Process Skills-based Learning These are the skills and processes covered in the latest Science syllabus. Every skill and process is an integral part of the total learning process of scientific inquiry.

4 Examinable Themes120 Worksheets, over 200 Structured Questions
Covering all 4 themes – CyclesSystemsInteractionsEnergy – the questions are set at a higher standard to encourage students to think about a problem at a deeper level in order to solve them. The wide range of process skills-based question types help students to develop critical thinking skills required to tackle such questions often encountered in important tests.



Conquer Science Process Skills Upper Block 5/6

ISBN 9789813281776

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Author Angeline Tan

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