Maths Adventures K2

Maths Adventures K2

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The Adventures! Series is specially crafted to cover all six MOE Preschool Learning Domains:

  • Aesthetics and creative expression
  • Numeracy
  • Language and literacy
  • Motor skills development
  • Discovery of the world
  • Social and emotional development

Comprising of English Adventures!, Maths Adventures! and Science Adventures!, this series introduces learning concepts through relatable stories and vivid illustrations to capture the interest of preschoolers. Fun activities are included after every story to reinforce concepts taught and encourage active learning.

Maths Adventures! Series helps children to:

  • Introduces numbers, shapes, patterns, addition and subtraction
  • Reinforces numeracy skills through fun activities
  • Develops observation and matching skills

Maths Adventures K2
ISBN: 9789814831758
Total Pages 101

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