Learning English By The Minute Workbook 2

Learning English By The Minute Workbook 2

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Grammar and vocabulary are two important aspects of English learning. |Learning+| English by the Minute Workbook 2 is written with the sole aim of arming students with good grammar and a wide extent of vocabulary to enable them to write and communicate effectively
Learn 'by the Minute'
Use the suggested time to master the correct use of grammar and vocabulary 'by the minute!
Specific Focus
There are 65 exercises, each written with a specific learning objective, enabling students to concentrate on one topic at a time.
Progressive Learning
The exercises are arranged according to increasing levels of difficulty, enabling students to improve as they move from one exercise to another.
Examples for Immediate Learning
Examples are provided at the beginning of each grammar exercise. These show how the grammar items introduced are used.


Learning English By The Minute Workbook 2
ISBN 9789813288348
No. of Pages 112
Author Peter Yam / Angela Leu
Dimensions 190mm x 260mm
Weight 400g

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